Throwback Thursday: Songs Banned By NBC

Music is vast, it serves as a midget that travels to the soul. It can affect individuals positively or negatively, depending on its content. This is why some corporation are set to develop a sort of filtration means to guard what songs go on air, and what songs shouldn’t. In this light, the National Broadcast Corporation over the years had banned certain songs that they dimmed unfit to be aired. Below are some of such songs a judged by the NBC.

Wo by Olamide:

WO was a maaaad tune Olamide put together to excite his fans. It was released in the year 2017 and was produced by Young John the wicked producer. The song “WO” was not accepted to be on the airwaves because the message he was trying to pass didn’t speak well in terms of character and behavior. It violated the Tobacco Control Act 2015 and also had scenes from the video showing young youths having an unpleasant lifestyle. No doubt all these triggered the ban. “Wo” is not the only song that was banned from the superstar rapper. Other songs like “Shakiti Bobo” and “Don’t Stop” which was from his studio album Eyan Mayweather were also bad for their vulgar lyrics.

Fall Remix by Davido:

Fall had a massive reception. Fans were always quick to jump on the chorus to lip sync accordingly. It topped various chat around the globe but wasn’t accepted by the NBC. Though the reason for the ban wasn’t clear but there was a ban.

Living Things by 9ice:

This song didn’t go down well with those who had concerns about what our youth and citizens digest as music. Before the ban from NBC, Nigerian rapper Falz had urged Nigerian musicians to be conscious of the kind of messages they pass across to the public with their songs. He also pointed that artists who didn’t see anything wrong in regarding internet fraud, drugs and other anti social behavior were not doing the society any good. “Living Things” was banned because it portrayed flamboyant lifestyles which the corporation frowned at.


Wavy Level by Olamide:

When this song was released, everybody wanted to be on a “wavy level”, fans started using it as slang especially when they are asked “How are you”, they would reply “I am on a wavy level.” That was how much the song was popular and massive, but the glory of the song was cut short as it was banned from being aired on broadcast stations.

IF (remix) by Davido:

“IF” was a single that was released in February 2017. A song that has more than 36 million views. Like Fall, the ban of “IF” was not really clear, but that didn’t change the fact that it was banned. “IF and Fall” are not only the the songs of Davido that were banned, some years ago, his hit song “Fans Mi” was also banned on the ground that the video promotes flamboyant lifestyle, violence, drug trafficking and indecent exposure.

This is Nigeria by Falz:

This is Nigeria was a Nigeria version of This is America by Gabano. It gained positive response from fans but was a different feeling on the National Broadcasting Commission/corporation. They banned the song and this was disclosed in a letter from the NBC dated 6th August 2018 and signed by its zonal director. According to the commission, the part of the song “This is Nigeria look how we living now, now everybody be criminal” was tagged vulgar and this prompted the ban.

Although by both artistes and their fans in some cases, it was hard to come to terms with the decisions of the NBC.
However, the in every Industry, it is important to have a guiding law to maintain sanity and the Music Industry isn’t an exception, especially when it comes to curbing messages that promote the ills and odds in the society.

Annie Cruz

Author: Annie Cruz

A die hard fan of Burna Boy & Wizkid, Anita Oronsaye a.k.a Annie Cruz is a lover of afro-fusion and just anything that defines great music!

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  1. Wow nice piece. I’m just getting to know that ‘IF’ and ‘FALL’ by Davido was banned by the NBC

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