Again! Cynthia Morgan At War With Jude Okoye

Cynthia Morgan At War With Jude Okoye, Calls Him a Cheat

Of all the matter the residents of social media have not been able to settle, that of Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye tops the chart as the female singer raises dust about it again.

What did she do this time?

The female singer, in a press conference, reveals more about the saga while we thought it has all ended.

Opening up on what the whole issue is about, Cynthia Morgan reveals that as against what Jude and her former manager peddled on social media, Jude Okoye was the one that breached their contract, not her.

According to her, as against the agreement that they will both sponsor the production of her songs on a 50-50 basis, she had to pay for the production of her songs alone while with the label.

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Was that all?


The Edo-born singer noted that paying for the production of her music alone was not the problem then, but, they started having issues when Jude Okoye wanted her to sign a new unfavorable contract, of which, she refused.

Quoting her inter-alia, Cynthia Morgan revealed that her refusal to sign the new contract was the beginning of their quarrel.

Speaking on the issue of her car, the singer revealed that Jude lied about buying the car but the truth is, she bought the car herself although it was from him.



Who is now the liar?

Well, going forward, Cynthia noted that she has moved on with her life as she has no issue with Jude or his label again.


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How believable is this?

Really, if she has no issue with him again while calling a press conference to rehash the issue?

What about her apology to Jude Okoye on this issue?

Is this sort of a strategy to get the pity of the public again?

Looking for another label or endorsement deals?

Is this a way of trying to heal because she was really hurt by Jude Okoye following her illness?

What do you think of her story, person and doings in the industry lately?

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