“Social media Will Kill This Generation” – Paul Okoye

Social media Go Kill This Generation- Paul Okoye

While the entire world is still shocked by the video released by Dubai Police in respect to the fraudulent escapades of an Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi, Paul Okoye reacts.

Joining the list of celebrities who have said one or two things about the video, Paul Okoye called on Nigerians to learn and give attention to details on what is said about Hushpuppi in the video.

Reiterating his stand about the negatives of the social media, the music star vehemently asserted that social media will cause the death of many if care is not taken.

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See his words:

This is following his words days ago, pulling the ears of young Nigerians to flee from unnecessary pressure fraudsters put on them via social media.

Paul Okoye noted that Fraudsters who know that their wealth is not legit but still shows off on social media will meet their doom before they know it.


According to him, the residents of social media has passed a judgment on them already.

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He spoke wisdom right?

We can’t doubt that.

But come to think of it, was the activities of Hushpuppi on social media the cause for his arrest or it was Karma that came knocking?

Is social media really doing more bad than good to this generation?

What do you think?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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