Rape: Mocheddah Blast Dbanj, Calls Him a Bully & Manipulator

Rape: Mocheddah Blast Dbanj, Calls Him a Bully & Manipulator

It’s obviously a tough time for the Music Star, Dbanj as he seem to be gathering enemies more than friends recently due to the rape allegation against him.

While the case is already escalating following the official statement released on the issue by Seyitan Babatayo who was allegedly raped by Dbanj, Mocheddah has added fuel to the fire burning Dbanj.

Joining the list of celebrities who have expressed their displeasure over the issue, Mocheddah shows support for Seyitan Babatayo.

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Telling the world that Dbanj is shameless, the female singer called Dbanj a bully in a long post she shared on her Instagram page.

See her words:

“Shame on you, Dbanj. Shame on you for being the bully you have shown us you are. Shame on you for silencing a young woman from speaking her truth. Shame on you for being an instrument to unlawful imprisonment. Shame on you for influencing the order to arrest a woman that has accused you of rape. Shame on you for making her sign under duress,”


Was that all?


Going forward, Mocheddah noted that Dbanj should not be seen as a rapist alone but as a manipulator of justice that should be brought to book for breaking the law several times.

Vehemently, the female singer called for rescinding of his awards and stripping of his endorsement deals.

Quoting her inter-alia she said:

“Dbanj should be stripped of his endorsements, and his awards should be retracted to send a message to all bullies that believe they are above the law.”


Is Mocheddah not taking this to heart too much?

Shouldn’t she, after all she is a woman like Seyitan Babatayo right?

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Speaking of stripping Dbanj of his endorsements, isn’t that too much to call for?

Now that he has not been convicted, is she right to have blasted him like this, calling him all sorts?

What do you think of all of this?

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