Rema Picks Burna Boy Over Wizkid And Naira Marley

Rema Picks Burna Boy Over Wizkid And Naira Marley

There is no doubting the fact that at every point in the lives of celebrities, they will have to explain themselves on issues which are considered important to a large number of their fans.

Recently being questioned about what is and what is not about his life and career, Rema reveals a lot.

In an interview with a foreign media outfit, Noisey, Rema, having answered questions of different shades was asked whom he prefers amongst Wizkid, Burna Boy And Naira.

Guess who he picked?

Burna Boy!


But why Burna Boy?

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Rema answered saying:

“I connect more with Burna. I love his story and I listen to Burna from days back. I also saw a lot that was happening around that time and seeing how he got to deal with those battles is very inspiring.”

See video:

Very inspiring indeed, yea?

True though!

However, could one say that this Rema’s public declaration of love for Burna Boy and his story is out of nothing but true admiration.

On what ground did he pick Burna Boy Over Wizkid?

Wizkid has a great inspiring story too, right?

What about Naira Marley?

Well, this is a matter of choice, right?

For Rema, Burna Boy cuts it.

Will this lead to a possible collaboration soon?


What are your words on this:

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