Paul Okoye Reveals His Discovery About Nigeria’s Situation

Paul Okoye Blames Social Media For Nigeria’s Predicament

While so many artistes are beginning to lend their voices to national issues, Paul Okoye has come out to give reasons why Nigeria is the way it is.

Recently taking to his twitter handle, the singer paraded facts about how he sees Nigeria and the problem that the country should strive to tackle.

Saying social media is one of the problem of the nation, Paul Okoye noted that Nigeria’s inability to tame people’s unpatriotic activities on social media causes more problem than the society can handle.

See his tweet:

Going forward, the singer said he would pass down his discovery about social media to his children, telling them social media made Nigeria the way it is.

See his words:

“When I was growing up, I once asked my dad why is Nigeria like this? What happened? How did it get to this level…he said it was because of the WAR. Now am getting prepared to answer my kids when the time comes …and when they ask i will tell them is SOCAIL MEDIA.”

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Isn’t this very serious even if it seems funny?

Do you think he is saying this just to gain attention or he said it as it is.

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Social media, the problem of this country?

What do you think about his words?

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