Music Video Review: Here’s The Nigerian Dream By Efe Oraka

Don’t we look so happy with our fake smiles

Don’t we look so pretty in the lies we told

Pretending everything is alright

But inside we’re so cold.

These are the metaphorical words making up the chorus from Magic’s 2018 single “Nigerian Dream”

The Video for Magic’s Nigerian Dream is out, and it’s nothing short of what we pictured, what we imagined.

The long-awaited visuals to the much-loved song is off the stable of Mr Eazi’s emPawa .

Watch Nigerian Dream:

emPawa which is obviously a corrupt spelling of “empower” is an initiative Mr. Eazi came up with back in 2018 to help young talented artistes kick-start their career while making money of course. Having been a beneficiary of such gesture, he decided to return the favour by investing in young talents. One of such investment is Joeboy who’s now lighting up the Afrobeats scene. Basically, what he does is empower promising talents to maximize their potentials. Efe is definitely talented, and from the look of things she’s getting empawad.

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About The Song

This Cheso produced song is the second single off her début EP Magic, a deliberate effort to desensitize Nigeria’s attitude to mental health issues and the seeming preference to hide the true picture of their present reality in favour of a bogus one.

The words depict exactly what she was saying:

“Don’t we look so pretty in the lies we told

Pretending everything is alright

But inside we’re so cold”.

And these: “Oh but the kids are messed up

So messed up

Let’s just pretend that they’re not stressed

‘Cause “Nigerians don’t get depressed”.

This is hammering on the wrong notion that Nigerians don’t get depressed.

Words like “keeping up appearances” exposes that belief for what it is, a cover-up for the average Nigerian who is dying inside but wouldn’t tell anybody about it he’ll rather bottle it up, letting it eat him up little by little until it’s too late in most cases.

You can’t fail to notice that the title in itself “The Nigerian Dream” is closely related to the American equivalent “The American Dream which literally means what the average American needs to acquire to live a fulfilling life or be considered having lived a quality life. A good education, a good job after, perhaps a house car and maybe wife/husband and kids. Basically be well-to-do.

To sum up, Magic’s Nigerian Dream brings together all these issues under one umbrella. The kids who are forced to earn their own living, ending up infant bread winners. The adult who’s breaking their backs to make ends meet etc.

Since release, it has gained a fair share of rave reviews with many falling totally in love with its poetic delivery, with how she wrapped very salient issues in vivid imagery.

Listen to Nigerian Dream here

I bet you’ll agree this song and this brand-new video is everything and some more.

Some Screenshots from the Nigerian Dream’s official video are captured below:

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