Tiwa Savage Sadly Begs For Love That Comes With Gifts

Tiwa Savage Sadly Begs For Love That Comes With Gifts

You know what they say that the rich and famous also cry, right?

It’s true!

How are we so sure?

Tiwa Savage proved it.


Recently, the singer sadly revealed that she might seem to have everything to Nigerians but, the truth is, she lacks love that comes with gifts.

Tiwa begged for flowers and gifts from admirers, expressing her deep unhappiness towards them.

Taking to her Instagram handle to bluntly ask her admirers why they never think of giving her gifts, the singer bellowed wondering why her love life is so dry.

Quoting her inter-alia, the mother of one asked:

Why don’t I get flowers and gifts from admirers?”


Quite sad right?

We can imagine.

It is becoming a norm for the female music ninja to go emotional on her fans and followers.

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First, she revealed she is a victim of panic attack, then called on Nigerians to come to her rescue against a troll on Twitter and now, she needs love that comes with gift?

Don’t you think Tiwa Savage sincerely needs all the attention she can get now?

For this, where do you think this is coming from?

Just social media famzing or she really do need flowers and gifts from an admirers?

Don’t you just wanna hug Tiwa right now and tell her that everything will be fine?

What do you think about all of these?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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