Dbanj Slammed For Arresting Lady Who Accused Him Of Rape

Dbanj Slammed For Arresting Lady Who accused Him Of Rape

Hours after the Nigerian singer, Dbanj broke the silence on the rape allegation levied against him by a lady named Seyitan Babatayo, Dbanj is being called out for using power, fame and money to punish the lady for speaking out.

Nigerians are ballistic and are ready to tear down Dbanj if he does not retrace his steps.

This is following the words of a journalist, Kiki Mordi, on twitter revealing that the young lady has been arrested and detained at Shodipo in Ikeja.

Kiki also revealed in her series of tweets that Seyitan is being denied access to her lawyers, family and friends all based on the order of the singer.

See her tweets:

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What a revelation, right?


These landing on Twitter, enraged every single Nigerian that came across the post.

Expressing their disbelief and anger, they opened up fire at Dbanj, threatening to ruin him if he does not release Seyitan without delay.

See some reactions:

“@iamdbanj Why have you had a woman who accused you of rape detained without access to her friends, family or legal representation? Threatening and silencing her does not acquit you,” One user wrote.

Another lady said: “Nah Dbanj isn’t trying to get justice. He’s not trying to clear his name. He’s trying to silence Seyitan. You arrest her, give her no access to legal assistance & then take over socials ? Hide information that benefits your agenda ? Right before our eyes?”


We know if you have your way you will join Nigerians to fight this out, but, against who?

Against who will you lash out?

Dbanj too, yea?

What do you think about all of these?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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