Afrobeats360 Artiste Of The Week: Joeboy And His Journey To Stardom

You know what they say about speaking things into existence right? Well, our artiste for this week is one who, after witnessing a music video shoot at the age of 10, jokingly told his elder brother he was going to be a music artiste. He added that there was NOTHING difficult about this.

Fast Forward To A Few Years Later
When asked by his friends for a sign to ascertain his nearness to the seemingly ‘unserious’ dream of becoming a music star, he told them that if he could shake hands with one of the greatest in the industry, that was all the sign he needed.

Well it’s 2020! Beyond the sign of shaking hands with some of the greatest in the industry (as anticipated), his music videos are now in display on major top charts. AIl these and more have marked the beginning of greater things for this glaringly talented artiste who is Afrobeats360 artiste for this week!


Name: Joseph Akinfenwa Donus
D. O. B: 21 May, 1997
Years Active: 2017- till date
Record Label: empawa Africa
Love and Light

The ‘Baby’ hit maker, Joeboy, is the last of four children of his parents. He was born in Surulere, and grew up in Akoka. However, at some point, he lived in ‘Bariga’ for about two years. According to him, Growing up in Lagos State, Nigeria was ‘fun and rugged’ at the same time.

How The Journey Began
All thanks to Joeboy’s elder brother, who is a friend of the legendary producer, Id Cabasa, a major key player in the music career of the likes of ‘Olamide’, ‘Reminisce’, ‘Ajasa’ and ‘Jahbless.’ As a little boy of age ten, Joeboy’s elder brother always took him to a lot of album launches and shows, to hang out.

I was always the little kid rolling with them“.

He witnessed the first ever video shoot for the song ‘Eni duro’. Joeboy, after witnessing the video shoot immediately informed his elder brother that he’d be going into music since it’s a very easy thing to do. Really! Very easy indeed.

Even after informing his brother of his interest in music at age of 10 and all his encounters with various celebrities along the line, the first time Joeboy ever recorded a song was years later whilst escorting a friend to the studio.

The first time my friend was trying to record a song, he was like ‘yo, come with me now, let’s go and record this song.’ I went to the studio with him. I was just freestyling. I was just playing inside the studio and the sound engineer said ‘yo, you should record on this song.’ That was the first song I actually ever recorded. It was a feature. People liked it.

The track Joeboy recorded with his friend came with so many positive feedbacks, including an offer from someone to pay online, for his first ever single. At that time, having songs online was about 20k. Definitely a lot of money for the singer back then. And that was the beginning of the musical journey for one of the hottest Afrobeats artiste at the moment.


Although still in doubt about a lot of things at the early stage, especially things like balancing his dream of becoming a music star, getting a degree, and at least a well paying job for a start, Joeboy kept pushing. Along the line, he put out a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘shape of you’ on Instagram, this went viral and caught the attention of his current record label boss, ‘Mr Eazi’.

I put it on Instagram and it kind of went viral even before Eazi saw it. When Eazi saw it, he was like this was mad. Sent his number, we started talking. He introduced me to E-kelly. We started making proper songs.

This!! According to Joeboy was the start of his major breakthrough! At that point, ‘Mr eazi’ was out of the country on tour and didn’t get to meet Joeboy until a year a later. However, he started introducing him to a lot of big names in the music industry from producers ‘E.kelly’ to the chairman producer himself ‘Sarz’ and many others.
Around December 2017, a year after he discovered Joeboy on Instagram, Mr eazi returned to Nigeria and asked that they see each other in person.

Joeboy couldn’t believe it! He readily put on his fake ‘Nike sneakers’ and with the last money he had on him which could only cover for half of the total amount for his transportation. Joeboy found his way to Eko hotel, the location Mr eazi had given him.

A meeting that was scheduled for 3:00pm, he got there at the exact time but didn’t get to see Mr eazi until 11pm. When he eventually met with Mr eazi, he was lost for word. According to him, he was just staring all through as Mr eazi apologized for keeping him waiting that long. Eazi later went on to introduce him to ‘Burnaboy’ and ‘Wizkid’ as they were present with them. According to Joeboy, the moment Wizkid shook his hands, all his doubts about becoming a music star was cleared!
As he reminisced about how he had told his guys that the day he would shake hands with Wizkid, he would know for sure that he is going to be a star.

I met Wizkid at that point. And my friend used to ask me ‘what was the sign I’d see that I’d know that I’m going to blow.’ I told him the day I shake Wizkid, nobody can tell me anything. I’m going to blow. And when Eazi introduced me to Wizkid, Wizkid stretched forth his hand and shook me. And I’m like ‘e don happen.’ So at that point, every form of doubt just disappeared

Ever since, Joeboy has been working signed to Mr eazi’s empawa Africa.
Overtime, he has released hit tracks like ‘Baby’, ‘Beginning’, ‘Don’t call me,’ and an extended playlist “Love and light”. Also, he was featured alongside his boss Mr eazi on a DJ Neptune’s track titled “Nobody” which came out as a smash hit.

Now, just like he told his elder brother when he was age 10, it definitely feels like music isn’t a difficult thing for him after all. Thus far, every song he drops has become a hit back to back.
Joseph Akinfewa Donus no doubt deserves all the special attention we pay to our ‘Artiste of the week’ spot on Afrobeeeats360.
With an album on the way and more intriguing collabs to anticipate for, we at Afrobeats360 are sending him ‘love and light’ all through his musical journey.
Soar On Young Legend.

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