Terry G Supports Internet Fraud? on what ground?

Terry G Supports Hushpuppi, on what ground?

Even as Nigerians are retracing their steps from supporting internet fraud and those christening it to be a legit hustle, Terry G has called on Nigerians to pray for the victimized and not criticize.

What really happened?

Following the arrest of Nigerian Dubia based money spender, Hushpuppi, by FBI and Interpol for scamming the US government of $100M, Nigerians has resumed the debate on whether internet fraud is this or that.

See photo:

However, for all it seem, the number of Nigerians criticizing those involved in this yahoo game is more than the number of Nigerians who thinks the whites deserve to be scammed right now.

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So, wedging into the matter, Terry G calmed Nigerians, admonishing them to take a different path instead of criticizing Hushpuppi who was arrested.

Taking to his Instagram handle, Terry showed support for Hushpuppi, by posting his picture and saying that Nobody is clean, hence, Nigerians should pray for him.

See his words:

He said: “None of us is clean nor perfect,all we pray is for God to bo our asiriā€¦ pray for him.”


Did this go down well with Nigerians?

Maybe, maybe not!

Because, before we could say jack, brother Terry took down the post.

Yes! He deleted it.


Could this have affected him and his image on social media badly?

What do you think made him take down the post?

Should we not pray for our Nigerian brother, Hushpuppi?

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Or, he should pay for his sins, yea?

On internet fraud, what side are you?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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