Teni Attacked For Advocating For Women

Teni Attacked For Advocating For Women

Will the dust of feminism ever get doused in the society?

We dare say no!

This is because Teni has decided to take the lead in advocating for women in the society.

Lending her voice to the dynamics of feminism today, Teni the entainter became serious talking about what is and what is not about women.

Taking to her twitter handle, Teni stands in, for and by women, saying they are also worthy to be in position of power no matter what.

Did that cause any issue with her fans and followers?


Then what happened, why was she attacked?

War started when Teni furthered her words on this feminism discourse.

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What did she say?

According to Teni, there is nothing wrong with women being the breadwinner of the house.

See her tweet:


Yes! She said women can also take care of the house.

Did this go down well with all her fans?


This time, she got attacked.

Nigerians with their mixed reactions, came for Teni.

See some reactions:

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This is interesting, yea?

But, should we surprised that the female singer said this with so much vigor and courage?

Isn’t she capable to be the breadwinner of the house following her unending success in the music industry.

Looking at her, would you say this is outflow of who she really wanted to be in her past relationships, if she had one?

Could you say this might affect her getting hooked up with a guy soon?

And wait, really, is there anything wrong with women being the breadwinner?

For men, is anything wrong in doing the house chores?

What do you think about Teni in relation to these words of hers?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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  1. It’s a shame that some are still so opposed to feminism, while others seem to have a problem with women doing work around the house. Someone needs to do housework, and overall, in a fair society, it should be shared out half and half. Though it depends on how many men/women are living in the household.

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