Nigerians Attack Davido For Cheating On Chioma

Nigerians Slams Davido For Cheating On Chioma

Following the surfacing of Davido’s new baby mama online, hell has been let loose as Nigerians are currently crashing down on Davido.

Why are Nigerians so rankled on this matter?

Cheating with Larissa London was not fair to Chioma and their intelligence, Nigerians said.

Worst still, welcoming a baby with her?

No, No, Nigerians scream, they can’t take that.

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So what do they want to do about it now?

Drag Davido in the mud of shame on social media, call him out for being an unfaithful fellow inspite of his assurance promise to Chioma and taking the entire world for a foolish ride.

Nigerians are ballistic, they reacted Bitterly.

See reactions:


Two things are shocking here.

Is it true that Chioma has been with Davido before he had his daughter, Imade?

And, is it true that he saw this slamming coming already that was why he left Twitter and changed his number?

Smart move that was, yea?

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But really, if this is really true, what feeling does this act of his give you?

Were you amongst those disappointed or amongst those who see this as a leopard being a leopard?

What vibe did you get from all these?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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