Uh Oh! Sammie Okposo Under Fire for Overlooking a Simple Detail

Where to start? Thirst or Thisrt. Hmmm. Let’s start with a benefit of doubt.

1. The font style was so intertwined that the words were barely noticed.

2. The team was in a haste to release the Gospel singer’s music to the world.

3. They already paid the graphics designer and he was not into making the necessary corrections.

4. Going along with the 3rd point, the team said “Nigerians would not notice”.

Well, they did and it’s not going well. Maybe we need to title this “How a minor spelling mistake is taking attention away from Sammie Okposo’s new song release”. Or is it?

They say every publicity is good publicity. So….

5. It was a PR strategy all along.

Whatever the case may be,

Download I Thirst for You by Sammie Okposo

What are your thoughts on the minor spelling mistake? Doesn’t matter or shouldn’t have happened? Leave us your comment below:


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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