Peruzzi Refutes Rape Claim

Rape: Peruzzi Apologizes For Being

The entire entertainment industry has been shaky since the #EndRape discourse became heightened in the society as stars were being exposed to be rapist by different victims.

One which has caught the attention of many recently is the saga of Peruzzi and a Nigerian Lady who claims to have been molested by the singer.

This is following the said insensitive words of Peruzzi 12 years ago where he identified himself as a rapist and is ready to rape any lady who doesn’t give in to his wants.

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This, which has led to his being unfollowed by Davido on instagram, has also led to his being madly dragged in the mud on social media.

Now reacting to the allegation and his words 12 years ago, Peruzzi has come out again to state that he has never raped anybody and he is not guilty of the allegation leveled against him.

Going forward, the DMW signee apologized for using rape as a joke, saying his words in 2008 was not who he was and who he is now.

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Accepting full responsibility and pleading for forgiveness, he wrote on Instagram:

“I am ashamed and deeply apologetic for a series of tweets posted on social media 8 years ago. Those tweets were irresponsible and ill-formed. I was younger and didn’t fully grasp the implications of making such statements. They are neither a reflection of who I am then and now,” .


Young and naive indeed, yea?

But does this apology of his take him off the hook of the allegation against him?

Even if his fans decides to forgive him, should the Nigerian Lady who claimed to have been raped forgive him too?

Was his acts really forgivable?

Do you think the Nigerian Lady took advantage of his words about rape 12 years ago?

What do you think about all of this?

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