Shocking: Dbanj Accused Of Rape Again

Dbanj Accused Of Rape Again

It goes without saying that placards raised to end rape in the society has piped in courage into rape victims to come out and share their story without recourse to what the “rapist” is or was.

Shocking the entire music industry, a lady named, Aunt Seyitan,has come to share her story about how she was sexually abused by Dbanj.

On Twitter, the supposed raped Aunty Seyitan ripped the musician and father of one of all decency left by giving a lengthy revelation of the rape incident.


What really happened?

Sharing her story in a series of post, she noted that she was victimized by Dbanj when she and her friend called Laide, attended an all-white party at Eko Atlantic Hotel, of which, she was invited by the singer’s manager.

On getting to the party, Seyitan met another lady named, Oyin, who after exchanging pleasantaries with her, they got talking, then, she discovered she would be passing the night in same hotel.

Of what every reason unknown to Seyitan, before they could go their separate rooms to sleep, Oyin informed her that Dbanj said he spotted her at the party and would like to spend the night with her in exchange for some money.

But, Aunty Seyitan refused Dbanj blatantly, according to her.

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Then what happened next?


See Seyitan’s post:

Going forward, Seyitan claiming that she sleeps without clothes noted that she suddenly found Dbanj in her room for no agreed reason.

According to her, she could not bear his presence hence had to ask what he was doing in her room, answering, Dbanj asked if she was a baby and left off to start molesting her.

“When he left and I got to see he came in with an extra key (card) and I later found out that Dbanj lodged all his staffs in the hotel..Then I called my supposed friend Oyin who I saw at the party if she planned with Dbanj she said no,” Seyitan said.

Following this, Seyitan revealed that Dbanj was never sorry about the incident which led to his friend lambasting him about it and giving her $100 to get drugs to take care of herself.

See more tweet:

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Was that all?


Proving that her words are true, the aggrieved Aunty Seyitan released whatsapp chats she had with Oyin as evidence for the all world to see and judge the case.

See chat:


It is seeming like true, yea?

But does all these still give the legendary singer away as a rapist?


When thrown questions on why she is just coming out to spill, she noted that she didn’t want to be criticized by people and the fact that the Dbanj is a superstar discouraged her.


Worthy excused?

But, Even if she took forever before she came out to say, does it change the fact that she was abused?

Does she not deserve some worthy attention and justice here?

Looking at a related story of a man named Otunba Benjamin who came out to say that Dbanj raped his friend too in 2018, does Aunty Seyitan’s story not put a bang of truth on who Dbanj was before he got married?

Away from that, following the glaring spiritual and moral standing of Dbanj, could he really do all these?

Should Dbanj not come out to give his side of the story if there is any?

Should this not be handled with so much care so he does not get to be scapegoated wrongly?

What do you even believe about all of these?

Dbanj, Rape?


Have words for Aunty Seyitan?

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