Naira Marley Capable Of These Words?

It is no secret that Azeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley has built such a reputation for himself that anything resembling normal is considered contradictory.

So, when ever words comes out from the mouth of the Marlian King to his subjects, what is usually expected is the “no belt”, “no manners” kind of nugget.

However, he has been known to deviate sometimes, but they seldom come that when they do, he quickly covers it up with the expected notions of him that you convince yourself that it was rather imagined than real. Or that he was simply play-acting.

One of such “seldom moment” came upon us again when the Marlian Soldier surprised his throng of followers with the following words on Twitter.

Posting via his verified Twitter handle @officialnairam1 he wrote:

“We are trying to make enough money to buy things we are too busy to enjoy. Stability comes When u stop, Look at your life and determine the things you genuinely want for yourself and family. Work Less. Live More”

Value words, wouldn’t you say?

Even these followers couldn’t believe it.

One shocked fan clearly wrote the following, “So, you have sense like this and you hardly show it?”

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Many argue that that’s what raised him to limelight in the first place. Going totally goody-goody will rob him of that, wouldn’t it?

Whatever the case, let’s make good use of this valuable piece of advice from Naira, we don’t know when next we’ll be fortunate enough for Azeez to gift us such of nuggets of wisdom.

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