Tiwa Savage Calls For Help As Female Fan Attacks Her

Tiwa Savage Calls For Help Against A Female Fan

As it became known to everyone that Tiwa Savage is a victim of Panic Attack, the female artiste has not stopped to show that she needs the love and support of Nigerians at a time like this.

Having reacted bitterly at how Nigerians downplay her works and person in spite of her hardwork, recently, Tiwa Savage cries out for help against a twitter user named, Moyin Blessing, for wanting to rubbish her songs.

The user who reacted to the opinion of Tiwa Savage in respect to gender based violence discourse, said in a twit, that Tiwa Savage is promoting the culture of violence and promiscuity with her song.

See Moyin’s tweet:

“She’s standing up and Tired on Twitter..Tomorrow she’ll be promoting her songs, dressing indecent(Rape invitations), Showing Cults signs, colours and symbols) and Promoting Guns ..All seen in previous songs by you and other Popular celebrities. Change starts with YOU.”

Did this go down well with Tiwa?


Reacting with so much hurt and anger, Tiwa Savage crashed down on Moyin Blessing, calling her disgusting and all kind of names.

As if that was not enough, the singer beckoned on her fans to please deal with Moyin Blessing for her as she can’t take her words lightly.

See her tweet:

“Dressing indecent = rape invitation. MOYIN or whatever your name is, you are DISGUSTING, you are a DEVIL and I pray all my followers show you pepper. You will be made an example today.”


She must be really hurt, right?


Minutes after her tweet dropped, trust Nigerians, they almost wanted to end the life of Moyin Blessing without recourse to pity.

See their reactions:


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Is there going to be resurrection for the said Moyin Blessing after all of these slamming?

Well, Maybe.

You, what do you think about all of these?

Does Tiwa’s song promote violence and Promiscuity in the society?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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