Jude Okoye Brews Another Saga With May D

Jude Okoye Brews Another Saga With May D

Just hours after his “Wahala” with Cynthia Morgan ended with an apology letter from her, the chairman of Northside Inc Label seem to be looking for another apology somewhere else.

Brewing a different version of the debacle he had with May D lately, Jude Okoye has come out to set record straight and what could be the reason behind the singers anger recently.

What did he say?

In an Instagram live session with Ubi Franklin, Jude Okoye alleged that in 2019, May D begged him to sign him back into his record label but he refused.


Spilling on, the Northside boss said he didn’t sign May D because he could not cope with another major breakup as he is still healing from his brother’s splitting.


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Quite understandable.

But did May D take it as Jude Okoye meant it?


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The singer went all ballistic.

What did he do?

He cancelled the Instagram live session he was supposed to have with the same Ubi Franklin who gave Jude Okoye the stage to say his mind, saying that Ubi is supporting Jude.


Will this drama ever end?

Maybe not yet!

Meanwhile, report has it that May D had apologized to Jude Okoye for anything he might have done wrong, but that still did not earn him a place in the record label.


Quite sad for him, yea?

We thought as much.

Thinking of it, what level of good do you think being a signee of Northside Inc Label will do to May D’s career?

Do you think Jude Okoye did not sign him because he is not worth being splashed money on again?

Or is Jude saying the truth?

Do you think the record label is missing out not signing an artiste like May D?

What’s even his place in the music industry right now?

Relevant or forgotten?

Tell us what you feel in the comment section

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