Cynthia Morgan Apologizes To Jude Okoye

Jude Okoye, a message from Cynthia Morgan?

Now that the Bush meat has caught the hunter, Cynthia Morgan has decided not to only bury her head in shame, but ends the saga with Jude Okoye, too.

Following the release of her contract with the chairman of Northside Inc Label, Jude Okoye, the unending slamming she got from Nigerians for her deceit, the female singer sends in her apology to Jude Okoye.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the reggae singer on appreciating her fans for their support, called on Jude and her Ex-Manager, Joy Tongo, to overlook her mess, as it was not done directly by her.


Who come lie so?


Well, according to the Cynthia Morgan, the lies she told was as a result of the pain she was going through, so, pain did it not her.


Biko, see her long words of apology:

Seems from the heart, yea?

But, does this take away the name-tanishing she has caused Jude Okoye?

Does this end the fact that she really took the entire social media community for a fool?

Should she be forgiven?

Signed by Davido or the bank that, maybe, is interested in her?

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What would be their fate if they do?

Is Cynthia Morgan and her works in the industry worth all the attention and money-splashing that would happen hereon?

What do you think about all of these?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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