Tiwa Savage Complains Bitterly About Being Trolled

Tiwa Savage Complains Bitterly About Being Trolled

As it is right now, Nigerians are not going to rest till they troll or find one or two artistes to buzz about on the internet.

However, it seems, ‘their dragging’ Tiwa Savage went wrong this time, as it met a very bitter Tiwa who lashed out too.

It all started when a Twitter user named @praisegod subtlely compared Simi and Tiwa Savage by saying Simi’s song is for people married and in a serious relationship while Tiwa’s is for “ashewos”.


Reacting angrily to it before Tiwa, another user named @faithpaul replied, typing away why people will disrespect a star like her by comparing her with ‘runs girls’.

Supporting the motion moved by @faithpaul, another user named @Lolly took up the fight for Tiwa by asking why people will not stop bringing down female artiste in the music industry.

According to this user, even if they want to, they should never have added Tiwa Savage who is working her ass out to rep the nation well globally.

True, yea?!

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Did it end here?


The highpoint was when Tiwa showed up, she was fiery as she would not take it that it’s women like her that is dragging her in the mud of nothingness.

She spewed her mind saying she wish she had stayed back in “Obodoyibo” and never returned to Nigeria.


Yes she said it!

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See for yourself:

Sad and courageous at the same time.

But really come to think of it, should Tiwa be trolled like that?

Even if she would be trolled, why compare her and her works to Ashewos?

Why not do the comparing straight.

Tiwa Savage and Simi, who is better?

Is it going to be worth it if Nigerians start appreciating the efforts of women to be more?

They deserve and should earn a respect-full place in the society, right?

We thought as much.

While you might want to end all of these, what do you think?

Tiwa Savage and Simi, who is better?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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