Davido Earns A Point As Konjo Leyla Washes Burna Boy

Davido Earns A Point As Konjo Leyla Washes Burna Boy

The music industry will soon see the end of this debacle between Davido and Burna Boy as major music enthusiasts are already coming out to set the record straight on who is better.

Upholding her support for Davido already, before the voting starts, African Tour concert Director, Konjo Leyla is out to say her mind about the all issue.

According to Konjo Leyla, multiple award-winning Nigerian singer Davido is the king when it comes to overall African music.


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As if that was not enough, the concert Director went on breaking the ego of Burna Boy to naught.

She went on saying that Burna Boy is indeed a boy where the king of 30 Billion Gang is, as he is yet to conquer where he has conquered.

In her spilling, she said it is too early to crown Burna Boy the best as he has not covered all African countries with his works.

Quoting her inter-alia, she asserted:

“Now here is the thing, at the moment, most people feel like Burna Boy is the biggest artiste in Africa, I don’t feel like that, he is not”.

“The reason why he is not is because, he still has more work to do at the countries in Africa. This is a true story, when it comes to Africa, David is the king, believe or not, period!

“Let me tell you why, I have booked so many shows for David. 95% of bookings is David, the demand is so high. Nigerians are probably going to say Wizkid and Burna Boy are bigger, but they can’t tell me that when it comes to East Africa, we know David is the king.“

Davido is the King, Period!!!!

Do you agree to this?

Is he really better than Burna Boy?

Well, while you might want to type in your opinion on this in the comment section.

Let’s have it on record before actual voting starts.

Davido, 1 Burna Boy 0.

Correct or not?

Tell me in the comment section.

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