So Cynthia Morgan Lied About Her Contract?

Nigerians are lamenting following the release of the contract signed between artist, Cynthia Morgan and her former record label, Northside Record. While the contract fully backed what record owner, Jude Okoye, stated in his live interview with Tundeednut, Nigerians are feeling duped by the singer.

Read the full contract below:

The contract does contradict the singer’s claim of being unable to use her stage name or does it? Read the full contract!

With this new information reaching the public, Cynthia Morgan, now known as Madrina, is yet to release a statement. We also would like to say that contracts cannot explain a person’s complete experience. It also does not explain Peter Okoye’s revelation and that of May D. While the drama is still unfolding, we would be sure to keep you updated.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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