More Revealed By Cynthia Morgan’s Ex-Manager On The Saga With Jude Okoye

Cynthia Morgan’s Ex-Manager, Joy Tongo reveals more.

See Full Official Statement Of Cynthia Morgan's Ex-Manager on her saga with Jude Okoye

Undoubtedly, everyone has been put on the edge to see more revelations about this unending mal-treatment allegation leveled against Jude Okoye by Cynthia Morgan.

Cynthia Morgan’s Ex-Manager, Joy Tongo, obviously has a lot that will interest you in her official statement released on Instragram.

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Joy Tongo, who released Official Statement on Cynthia Morgan's saga with Jude Okoye

See full statement below:

The Ex-Manager of Cynthia Morgan who released official statement on the saga with Jude Okoye
The Ex-Manager of Cynthia Morgan who has Alot to say through her long official statement
The former manager of the female singer

Now that the record is being set straight gradually, what do you think?

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