Jealousy or Beef?! Burna Boy Slams Davido

Burna Boy 2020

Recent events have maybe confirmed that your village people may not necessarily be from your village. The story of how Burna Boy and Davido went from being “Brothers” to foes, is still confusing. All we know right now is that Burna is not at peace with the recent Billboard Cover Artist.

He took to his Instagram story stating:

“You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team But your daddy bought the football team.”

This came after Davido posted a picture of he and former music rival, Wizkid, together with the caption:

The two greatest of all time! No

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The 2 greatest of all time ! No 🧢

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This may have triggered something in the African Giant as he began a one sided war with Davido Adeleke also known as OBO.

Burna Boy also replied mocking Davido’s revelation about a new project dropping in July 2020.

Fans have reacted mostly to Burna’s claim that Davido made his name with his father’s money.

While, others have found humour in the situation.

Guess the chalk finally arrived.

While all the talk is going on, we can’t help but ask:

Is Burnaboy really throwing shades at Davido?

If he is, is he doing it out of spite or jealousy?

Is there a beef between Davido and Burna boy that we’re just realizing?

Should you forfeit your parent’s influence when chasing your dreams?

Does using your personal influence or affluence to your advantage make you less successful?

Why won’t Burna Boy just look away from Davido’s social media if he is clearly bothered by it? Village people syndrome?

Will these constant outburst cost the African Giant his title?

So many questions and more, but we’ll just leave it be. Maybe leave us an answer the those you have an answer to. Someone make it make sense!


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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  1. Burna Burna😂 from most loved to most hated😭 that is what Nigerians can do😂

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