Alarming! Adekunle Gold Considers being With Two At A Time!!!

Get your mind out of the gutter, we aren’t talking about his undying, unending love for his sweetheart Simisola. We’re rather talking about sports, putting it exactly, we’re taking about his love for football, his seemingly unrivaled love for Manchester United.

It’s no news or secret that Adekunle Gold is a confessed Manchester United fan, one of those who shouts at the top voice that they’re fans to particular clubs. Yep, Kunle is one of such, the types screaming out their lungs, saying Manchester United for life!

For Gold and for us his onlookers and fans, this is believable confessed loyalty, or so it seems.

His professed love for the club was so loud that it got a reaction from even Dear Simisola. Love of his life Oluwasimisola had to tell brother man to calm down! In her words; “Calm down, Bro”.

Our thoughts were, Simi need not worry you’re still number one. Or is she? Anyway, we won’t dwell on whom he loves the most, Simi or Manchester United? We will rather be dwelling on the abomination he seemed to have committed!

Abomination? Yes. Adekunle took to Twitter yesterday, suggesting via his verified handle @adekunleGOLD suggested that he may have to become a Liverpool fan. Accompanying it with a crying emoji, AG Baby as he’s fondly referred to on the blue streets of twitter wrote:

I guess I have to become a Liverpool fan now😭lol

That right there is the biggest abomination a Manchester United fan can ever commit, as Manchester United considers Liverpool one, if not their fiercest rival. And for Kunle to have said he wants to become one is an unforgivable sin!

As to what brought this consideration from Kunle Gold, it was a reaction to Dutch Liverpool star Gini Wijnaldum’s love for his recent hit, SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Gini showed an update of his playlist, and it included Adekunle’s something different.

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The tweet had Adekunle and Nigerians calling Kunle’s attention to the tweet repeatedly, saying things like Adekunle Gold to the world! Etc. It came to the Afrobeats star’s notice, and the rest as they say is, history!

One quick question, as a Manchester United fan, do you think Kunle blundered by suggesting that he may become a Liverpool fan soon?

Well, let’s have your thoughts in the comments section.

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