Which of These Throwbacks Helped Your Love Life?

Black Love and Music

In the spirit of throwback, this had to be done. Remember those days when the easiest way to land a love conquest was to raise the perfect tune. We knew the words to every song and were not hessitant to deploy those lyrics when needed. While those tactics are long dead, it is only fair that we reminisce on the good ol’ days.

We have brought out the Top 5 Love Songs that were sure to get your crush swooning…

P Square – Say Your Love

Who can forget the feeling when you hear the first line of this song?

Say your love no dey lie and your feelings no dey die”

Whoop!! That already got us emotional. Throwbacks are fun but throwbacks with memories attached are gold.

2face – African Queen

2face was a constant aid in our love life. It was so hard choosing just one from all his classics. How do you pass on ‘If Love Is A Crime’ or ‘True Love’? However, ‘African Queen’ is still the ultimate love song. How can you not win over your love interest with:

Out of a million you stand as one, the outstanding one. I look into your eyes, guess what I see, it’s paradise”

Hmmm! Those days….We can’t not mention that these words would be very ineffective today. What happened to us? What happened to our cheesy love?😢 Moving on.

Styl Plus – Imagine That

Before we even start, complete this line from the song; When I said to you ……..

There lies the secret to this song. If you can successfully deploy that line, you are an accomplished lover. Styl Plus always showed up for us and Imagine That was of the best help.

Paul Play – Angel of My Life

Girl…… don’t ever leave me lonely. Without you girl my life would be incomplete you are the angel of my life”

Truth be told, we all wished we sang that song. Every lyric was well thought out and was made as the perfect weapon for love. Remember those days when they sold song books and “Angel of My Life’ had to be in there before we payed the outstanding 50 naira. Good times ain’t it? Finally…..

Djinee – Ego

Common, our love lives we’re not all roses and chocolates. Some of us had our hearts broken and needed something to stay strong. Djinee came up with the perfect anthem for those of us who had a hard time with love. Ego really did one on all of us…..

Looking back is always a gift. Which of these songs helped your love life back then? Share your experience with us. What songs did we leave out?


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

8 thoughts

  1. “Imagine that” shouldn’t even make the list and for paul play, it was always the song “forever”. Infact it still is my fave Nigerian love song

  2. When this songs were trending, I never had a boyfriend or knew what love and relationship was like.
    But right now, I love it when he plays African Queen. That song does a lot to me and holds some beautiful memories.

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