Viktoh Speaks About Life After Dumping YBNL

Viktoh Speaks About Life After Dumping YBNL

Viktoh former YBNL star

Undoubtedly, the music industry is big enough to welcome anybody even after years of absence from the art of singing.

Next to be given a hand of acceptance by the industry is Viktoh, the former YBNL star who left the label in 2016.

Confirming to be back on list of hot singers in no time, Viktoh took to his instragram handle to share the story of life after leaving YBNL.

The singer who spoke on life after dumping YBNL

According to the singer, he was missing in action because life showed him that it can be a pot of beans at times.

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Revealing what actually happened, he noted that some friends betrayed him which almost ended his dreams.

See his words:

“One thing I understand about this life is that you should always be prepared for the worse, cause life can’t just be Gucci all through! I’m not perfect tho but I’ve had friends that I call my family do and say so many bad things about me that I felt like just dying and leaving this world,”

Viktoh who was missing in action but is set to.come back

However, he noted that God rescued him and is ready to take on the second chance presented to him as he will not allow life and bad people weigh him down.

See his words:

“I put all that energy into my craft and I got better! God gave me a second chance. I went through hell cause I was foolish! And the people I called friends rode on that and made me feel like an outcast!”


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This is very serious.

Following all of that, Viktoh appreciated his fans and followers, pleading for their unflinching support hereon as he returns with a new project.

The singer while working on his new project he Pleads with his fans to support

“Let’s start this new journey together please continue to support me as I come out with my new project after so many years,” he pleaded.

Humble enough!

Taking a cue from his story, who are the friends he took like family that he is talking about?

Does this not point straight to the YBNL family?

New single to be released by Viktoh soon

What do you think his comeback will be for YBNL?

A regret or……..?

Speaking of his being before he went missing in action, what do you think of him and his works?

You fantasizing about the new incoming project of his already?

Spew what you think in the comment section.

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