Yung6ix Reveals Plans for Surgery

Following a car accident in his Range Rover 2014, Yung6ix took to twitter to reveal plans to undergo surgery to deal with lingering pain from that accident.

Yung6ix who revealed in is in pains

Then again, it has been confirmed that no iota of reality can be drawn from what is seen on social media, mostly from Nigerian artiste as they are also in need nevertheless how they project themselves.

Shocking the entire social media with his predicament recently is Yungsix who is in dire need right now.

The singer who confirmed that not all shown on social media is reality

Taking to his Twitter handle, the rapper revealed the state the accident he had in 2014 has put him in.

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Punching the “sorry” button, he revealed that the accident left him with a bad knee which has put him in dire need ever since.

Hmmmm, Yungsix, in need?

We are still wondering.

The singer who needs 17 million for knee surgery

What then is his need?

A Better knee but with 17 million Naira!

The music star disclosed that the surgery to be done on the knee will cost a whopping 17 million Naira.


Yung6ix who is to drop his latest body of work, Trapfro

Sad right?

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However, in spite of this bad news, the rapper also revealed that his latest body of work will be out for devouring by June 5th.

See his tweet:

His sad news tweet on his state of health
Tweet on
News Yung6ix
Yung6ix who shocked everyone

Following this, Nigerians flooded his post with pity-oriented reactions.

His emotional exchange of messages about his bad knew and needing 17 million naira


But who would have thought the “shaprapra” looking Yungsix on Instagram could be in so much pain and maybe in need.

The music star on a black jacket

Is his disclosure of the amount of money needed a subtle way of calling for help?

Imagination could go wild on this.

But what do you think about this and his being in the music industry?

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