Sultan Joins The Trend, Set To Go Live On IG!!!

Ever seen a Sultan singing to the pleasure of his subjects? Ever seen royalty switching places with their followers? I guess not. But gueKoless what, that’s exactly what’s about happening!

The Sultan, his royal eminent is about to come down from his throne to do what musicians do. He’s literally switching places with his subjects. He will be doing the singing, and they will be doing the watching.

There are a series of songs lined up for this once in a lifetime event. The majestic one will be singing to the delight of his many followers an endless list of unforgettable oldies ranging from Bodmas, Area, Kole ye won, Craze World among many others.

Announcing the event on Instagram, the platform responsible for making this noteworthy event said the following words:

Tomorrow is so special we’ve got the legendary Sultan taking over our Instagram tomorrow at 8 pm West African Time for our #MTVbaseLounge live session, performing all your all-time favorite hits we really can’t wait!

And the extremely talented Sound Sultan confirmed by retweeting. It’s no argument that this no throne, no Sultanate Sultan is definitely a legend, with tonnes of hits from the past, Sound Sultan is definitely deserving of being labeled one.

I bet you love Sound Sultan, and like MTV Base, you cannot wait for 8 p.m. So, set your alarm, The multiple award-winning king is on in a few.

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Sam DePoet

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