Feeling Lonely? Here’s One Song To Make You Feel Better

Songs for Loneliness

Have you been feeling sad or quite unhappy? Do you feel like you need to be doing more, but you’re just stuck indoors because of social distancing? Has your life changed from what it was before the pandemic? Do you just want to feel better than you feel right now?

If your answer the any of these questions is Yes, we’ll advice that you read on. If you answered No to every question, continue reading dear. You’re already here and, what have you got to lose?

Anybody can testify to the fact that music gets us through the worst and best times of life. This is why you’ll hear people make statements like “Music is My Life”. They know the journey they have embarked with this art. However, it’s not always that easy getting your hands on the best for each mood.

Ever searched “Music for Lonely People‘ only to come off with one sappy song that raves on about loneliness, but doesn’t do the work? We know that feeling. Well, search no more. We found this song that would sure get you some comfort and make you feel enough.

Drum rolls please…. Don’t worry we’ll take it in any form… Here we go…

Fireboy- Like I Do

Don’t lie, did you see that one coming? While this song seems like a classic love song, it can also double as a self love track.

It features lines like:

“If I run go na you I go come back to”

“E sure for you baby, I’m going nowhere”

“No one can love you like I do”

Since it’s sure you’re going nowhere this period, why not just sing it to yourself until it sinks in.. But it’s not just telling you what is, it also helps you build your self love.

Another plus side to this song is the sound and tempo. You sure can dance to this tune and forget your boredom. Well, what are you waiting for? “Siri, play Fireboy’s Like I Do” or maybe play Akon’s Lonely because that’ll be an obvious choice…

There are other songs that could join this one on the playlist.

Mayorkun – Geng

Teni – Billionaire

Ric Hassani – Number

Or maybe join the whole world in the #BopDaddyChallenge. There’s a reason. Here’s……

Falz – Bop Daddy ft Ms Banks

Have you found your answer? Listen to these songs and thank us later.. You’re welcome.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360