Simi’s Duduke: An Answered Prayer

Artiste: Simi

Genre: Afro Pop

Length: 2:52

Producer: Oscar

Verses: 2

Plot Synopsis: Love and Gratitude

Having a reason to pen down a song comes with so much emotions, it can be love,sadness, being motivated, and many other hearty reasons. For Simi, this song was inspired by love.

On April 18, 2020, the songstress started the year with a breathtaking single ‘Duduke’ under her record label; Studio Brat, produced by Osca.

Duduke was written by the singer to explain how her hearts beats anytime she thinks about her unborn child, we all know that she is expecting a baby.

Oscar, the producer of the song did a great job in creating one of the most alluring instrumentals, the song started off with a pop piano riff and then switched to highlife with sounds of smooth guitar riff and African percussions. All these amazing elements tallied with Simi’s beautiful vocals which did justice to the song, she sang with so much passion(as usual) , coupled with beautiful melodies and good lyrics done in English and Yoruba language.

Coming with this was a beautiful video which made fans know that she was going to have a child for her heart rub, Adekunle. The look on her face was overwhelming, she held to her bump as she danced so calmly. Simi also stressed that she was eager to meet her precious jewel and couldn’t wait to show her baby motherly love. Her fans wished that she featured her beloved husband but the audio and video was already done, probably they may do a remix. Who knows?!

All we can say for now is:

Cheers to good music!!!

Annie Cruz

Author: Annie Cruz

A die hard fan of Burna Boy & Wizkid, Anita Oronsaye a.k.a Annie Cruz is a lover of afro-fusion and just anything that defines great music!

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  1. Her angelic voice gives me joy and the duduke song is everything, her baby is the luckiest baby on this earth. I wish her and her family the very best.

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