Romance & Love: Zlatan And Tacha Becomes One, Secret Revealed

Romance & Love: Zlatan And Tacha Becomes One

Tacha and Zlatan who has become one

You know what they say about pulling stunts in the entertainment industry to gain more popularity, yea?

Zlatan and Tacha has been caught in that web as they are confirmed to be unto “something” after years of “beef me, I beef you” between them.

Zlatan who made a hit song about Tacha whom he is now in a love and romance moment with


You will recall that this two have been at loggerheads since Zlatan Ibile made a hit off Tacha’s supposed body odor during BB Naija house.

Following all the “gbas gbos” they’ve been pulling on us since, it appears that these two are beginning to raise the placards of love for each other.

Picture of Zlatan who was beefing Tacha before now

Bidding their beef bygone, the duo were seen on social media exchanging love- driven messages.

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This started when Tacha who just got an endorsement deal shared the good news on Twitter leading to Zlatan who got the deal too reacting to the post.

The now love birds who signed an endorsement deal

Zlatan congratulating Tacha said:

“Tacha you no go kill person. Congrats.”

Responding, Tacha wrote:

““Kapaichumarimarichopaco Thank you, congrats to you too”

See tweets:


What does this even mean?

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Looking deep into those messages, this somewhat points to the fact that, maybe, something something went down between Zlatan and Tacha before, during or after the signing of the deal, right?

Romance &Love : Zlatan And Tacha Becomes One

And their messages to each other on Tacha’s post confirms that they’ve become one, right?

Abi which one be, Tacha you will not kill person?

While she speaks Greek like one who has…… know the right.

As in, this only happens in the other room, right?


Picture of Zlatan and Tacha who commented on a post together

This must be a lot o.

Well, you know Afrobeats360 gat you.

So relax, while we bring you the proceedings of their mushy love doings.

Meanwhile, what do you think about them being an item?

Tacha and Zlatan.

Yay or nay?

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