Davido Recommends A Way Out Of Covid-19

Davido Recommends A Way Out Of Covid-19

The superstar on a metallic face mask asking Nigerians to stay at home despite lockdown ease up

Few hours after posing with a very big “metallic” face mask telling Nigeria that he will not give a chance to Covid-19, superstar Davido has made a recommendation of what should be done by Nigeria and Nigerians to end the virus.

Taking on the portfolio of a medical advisor, Davido speaks on what Nigerians should be interested in at the moment instead not faff around in Lagos.

Davido asking Nigerians to fear God with his dress

This is following his reaction to the easing up of the lockdown in Lagos which had so many people defaulting on the social distancing directive at banks, markets and major bus stops.

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On Twitter, the superstar singer called on Lagosians to stop acting foolishly by going out to risk their lives as the cases are increasing daily.

He recommends that Lagosians should stop playing with fire and stay in their houses.

The medical advisor in a beautiful white dress

See his words:

Picture of Twitter recommendation


Even with Nigerians that have nothing to survive on?

What happens to the economy if businesses don’t return as usual?

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What if they do and the virus victimizes more people and death tolls?

Did he say this because he knows what is means to be infected with the Virus due to his wife’s case?

We can’t stop imagining.

The singer during lockdown

Well, as usual, Nigerians reacts to the recommendation of Davido, some gives a thumbs up, some drags him for saying such, for some, it’s easy for him to say because he is rich and can survive the fangs of Covid-19.

See few reactions:

Picture of Davido being explained to by a fan that Nigerians never listens to recommendation like his
Picture of forth and back tweets
Picture of Nigerians throwing jibes at Davido
Davido in a designer attire
Reactions to his recommendation
Davido after being inveighed against by Nigerians


Amidst all of these, do you think Davido should be inveighed against, or praised for his recommendation?

Tell us in the comment section, what do you think about this Davido’s “stay at home despite lockdown ease up” recommendation?

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