Wizkd Fan Angers Davido: See Why

Wizkid and Davido are definitely the guys at the Zenith of Afrobeats at the moment they’ve making headway in leaps. There are others who are fast catching up, Burna Boy being one of them. Burna isn’t our topic for today. Our topic of discussion is strictly Davido and Wizkid and all the excitement they have been responsible for in the past and presently.

These two have done so well for themselves that they’ve created this healthy rivalry that has gone on for a while. One minute Wizzy is doing a never done thing the next minute OBO is topping it. And it back and forth, on and on to the delight of their followers, resulting in a rivalry that isn’t just between them but between their fans too.

There is always a constant back and forth, and it is largely between the fans. What the primary actors do, is just sit back and relax, enjoying the excitement their respective careers are causing. Every achievement by either of the twos is usually the opportunity for one half of the fans to rub it on the faces of the other. These banters are always so heated that you’ll think if these people come face to face, they will come to blows!

All this is normal, it’s what we’re used to, what we’ve been used to for a while now. We no longer raise eyebrows when the fans jump into the ring going against each other, after all it’s nothing new. The guys wouldn’t jump in, they’ll play it cool as usual, for sure.

So, we thought, not until we got jolted out of our indifference. Yes, you guess right, like the title of this piece clearly states, Team Wizkid managed to press the main man’s button, yes! A Wizkid fan said one word too many, wrote just enough to get David Adeleke talking!

Why? What happened? What is it that this wizkid fan spewed that got King David angry? Well, enough of the suspense, let’s go straight to the point.

There is a collaboration in the works between Nicki Minaj and Davido, and Our Afrobeats King or at least the King of one half of the Kingdom has been besides himself with so much excitement. This didn’t sit too well with Wizkid FC, obviously. And it was just the thing t get the Davido FC Wizkid FC going at each ot

her all over again!

The thing, it wasn’t just the fans this time, a tweeter user who goes by the handle @Irunnia_ said these words;

If it was Wizkid, Nicki Minaj would be the one tweeting and hyping the song not the other way around. OBO should calm down abeg. There are levels to this sh•t.

This was enough to pressed King David’s button who replied in kind with these words;

Yo I love wiz but yo WIZKID FC CAN SUCK MY DICK !! X2!!

Whooooah come Down King, that was explicit!

Davido definitely got as much as he got. But, was is really necessary? Did the King really needed to come down from his thrown to go at it with an opposing fan? Did the fan go too far?

Whether he was right in doing so, it definitely got us talking. Question now is, will Wizkid get in a word? Should he? After all it’s between Davido and some random fan. But since this random fan is a subject of the regal Wizzy, maybe he should. Or what do you think?

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