Dremo Blows Hot As Twitter User Compares Him To Ycee

Drama ensued on the social media platform, Twitter when one user put up a post asking who the better rapper was between Dremo and Ycee.

In an unexpected turn of events, Dremo gave a very shocking and profane reply, which most people felt was too much and very unnecessary.

It is no secret that Dremo and Ycee are friends so the constant comparison must be exhausting.

However, unlike most celebs who would ignore, Dremo gave a very epic response to the suggestion that his friend may be a better rapper than him, vice versa.

Ycee did not have much to say, but he quotes Dremo’s tweets with funny GIF’s on two occasions to show agreement.

Dremo even dropped a punchline, to seal the point made for Twitter user, Deji.

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