This One From Adekunle Gold Is Something Really Different!!!

We aren’t done with enjoying hit song “Jore” and, Adekunle Gold is out with new music! Yes, you read that right. Kunle is done cooking, and we’ve been served good music!

The early hours of May saw the birth of this brand new baby.

About The Song?

This song talks about a woman who is money hungry, someone who goes into a relationship with a man only if he is financially up to the task. In this song, the male character reflects over what could have been, he wonders about a beautiful relationship that could have been if only the woman didn’t prioritize money so much.

A line in the song says;

We could have been something different,

You said, no money, no honey.

The meaning of the song is in these few words, the ones above.

The title of the song? It’s right inside the little part of the song above, and of course the title of this piece gave it away already. I bet you didn’t notice. Dekunle christened this brand new baby “Something Different”.

The title obviously refers to the what could have been with the woman, but is there an underlying meaning? Perhaps this isn’t the type of song we know Adekunle for. Well, you can listen up via the link below and come to whatever conclusion you believe is fit.

Listen here and here.

Guess what? Even the lovely wife, Dear Simi was up at the wee hours doing what loving and supportive wives do. She demanded her teeming fans and followers to stream the f*ck out of the song!

Taking to twitter at that hour, she said:

Y’all stream the fok outta this one. #SomethingDifferent. I’m going to bed. Tell me about it when I return.

Well, that was some colorful language from the petite songstress! Quite the animated woman she is, right? And what a couple they’re, right?

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