Psquare’s Peter Okoye Speaks On What Women Crave As Against What He Can Offer

Peter Okoye on a white cap and dark shade giving a smile to women

While we thought the Covid-19 pendulum is going to loud sobriety for the stars, Peter Okoye of defunct Psquare still brags about fleeting fleet of cars, speaks on what women craves.

Has he not paid his dues, why should he not brag?

Irrespective Nigerians think otherwise, following his braggadocio post on social showing him posing with his cars while giving a show of his gangantuan house too.

The singer showing off his cars and house

As if that was not enough, the pull that broke the bow was his feeling fly about his body too.

According to th singer, he is a star with sauce as he has six packs in addition to his assets.

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Can you imagine? Nigerians asked!

Well, to clear the air, the music ninja revealed that his playing to the gallery was to convey to those ladies who says they want a guy with cars other than six packs that, he, the son of Okoye of the Nigerian music industry has both six packs and Fleets of cars which make him a complete package.

Peter Okoye who said he had cars and six packs


Now we ask, can you imagine?

Peter Okoye can, crowing it all up, the singer got serious with the all thing as he revealed that his true intent for the showcase is to motivate and inspire his fans admist the negatives of the world.

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See the caption to the post:

“Some of them said they prefer a Man with 6 cars to the Man with 6 packs! But I’ve got them both! complete package. Just for jokes but no Jokes hehehe nothing serious But I pray this Motivates you to work harder and achieve your dreams”

Hmmmmmm, words on marble!

The musician who compared what women wants against what he can offer

As expected Nigerians came down to Instagram to dissect his post, for some, he should go and sit down to write good songs instead of bragging, while for some, he is indeed a complete package.

Now for you, what do you think of Peter Okoye, his words and works in the industry.

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