Nigerians Pounce On Naira Marley Yet Again, See What He did This Time

Nigerians Pounce On Naira Marley Yet Again, See What He did This Time

Naira Marley smoking while muslim fasting is on

There is no gain saying that Nigerians have no cool to spare at this period as they wait for every slight opportunity to bang justice on anybody they sense is going off the rail of normalcy.

Just in less than 24 hours, they came down on Brymo and now, guess who?

Nigerians are onto the king of Marlians, Naira Marley for somewhat not taking part in the auspicious fasting of Muslims called, Ramadan.

The king of Marlians looking confused as to why Nigerians are on his case

Hehehehe, do Marlians fast?

We wonder o!!!

Well, without giving a hoot about anybody, Naira Marley, taking on Twitter NG to ring a bell of warning that, Nigerian should back off on his case and he is not supposed to be found not fasting during this period.

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Lol, Uncle!

Naira Marley in a Stern mood attending to Twitter NG

Going forward, the singer having preached to his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, he sent a starn letter of plea to his female fans to stop sending him nudes during the holy month of Ramadan as he does not want to be tempted.

Having said the rules of the month is that only those who are sick, pregnant, battling mental health should not fast, the soapy crooner ended the video by throwing into his mouth a piece of wafer he had with him all the while he was preaching holiness.

See video below:


Isn’t this funny?

Picture of Naira Marley playing funny with a Maniquine

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Seriously though, Naira Marley has created a world for himself that he doesn’t want anybody intruding, including his nosy fans.

Aside of his music which is on the one hand controversial, his being has always in one way or the other shuffled him up for recognition.

Right now, fast or no fast, should he be pounced on?

What do you think about all these?

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