Stop Borrowing Money, Start Paying Students -Harrysong To Buhari

Stop Borrowing Money, Start Paying Students -Harrysong To Buhari

Picture of Harrysong dressed in a beautiful kaaftan

As the struggle to end the surge of Covid-19 continues, figures are beginning to wedge in with their advises on what should be done to reopen the economy and sustain it so as to save it from collapsing.

Joining the list of advisors, Tare Okiri popularly known as Harrysong writes an open letter to Buhari on economy recovering and sustainability.

Picture of the president of Nigeria who was advised by Harrysong

Conveying insights on how to reliven each almost- dead sectors to boost the overall economy, the music star gave quantum attention to the education section.

According to Harrysong, Education is the bedrock of the growth and sustainability we can have in respect to our economy.

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Pushing his open letter on instragram, He advised President Muhammed Buhari to give attention to education as we need brains to help the dying economy as it is never too late to do something about it.

Harrysong with a bag, having called on Buhari to give attention to education

To cap it all up, the singer turned adviser called on Buhari to start paying students who will in turn your their brains to help the nation out of the mess that it is in.

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Dropping his pen, Harrysong looked Buhari in the eye, smiled and frowned at him, saying “Buhari stop borrowing money”.

The President told to stop borrowing money and start paying students


Is this written out of good faith or na to open Buhari nyansh.

The Singer who joined the list of advisors

Anyway, whether we like it or not, this is admirable as the president needs to be reminded of the worth of education towards building an economy and nation that counts.

Or what do you think.

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