I Had To Go Learn A Trade Because I Was Dumped By My Colleagues – Daddy Showkey

Picture of daddy showkey on an Agbada

For all reasons known to fans and followers of public figures across different industries, they believe stars never go through dark times or even get deserted by anybody, however, Daddy showkey have come to prove otherwise.

In his recent words about his life in the music industry and beyond, Daddy showkey revealed how he was dumped and abandoned by his fellow stars during his hard times.

Picture of daddy showkey who had to go learn a trade after being dumped by his friends

Recounting all, he noted that due to how alone he felt after his ghastly motor accident, he had to relocate to Warri to learn a trade so as to get bounce back.

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The music veteran who conveyed the Unheard-of’s about his life during an Instagram live with a friend, said he started earning money again in 2010 after a long time of need.

Daddy Showkey on instragram live telling his ghastly motor accident story

See his words:

‘When I get accident around 2007, I run my car under trailer, I dey come back from Olu Maintain birthday. As I get accident, I dey for hospital for three years, I nor fit work. When I came back from abroad, the doctor advised me to stop dancing and singing,” he said.

“When I come back, the people wen go come meet me, I go dash the millions, when I go their house, them go tell their gateman make them lock gate, make the gateman tell me say dem nor dey.


The veteran singer who had to pick his life up and started making money in 2010

Who would have thought someone of his in situ in the society could be dumped as such, remember, he was the wave of the 90’s and early 20′ due to his renown “galala” songs.

Who could have thought that the praises rained on him then was just for show and not from the heart?

Anyway, while Afrobeats360 applaud him for picking his life back in spite of all, what do you think of him, his words and works before now?

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