Peter Okoye  Gushes Over Adorable Son

Since the world was rudely brought to an abrupt pause by the dreaded COVID-19, humans or perhaps earthlings have done one thing or the other to get by.

There have been different ways and different things the ordinary man and the celebrities have done to endure the compulsory stays at homes. At the center of it all is definitely the WWW, as everything and everyone are now being connected thanks to the Internet. Even kids are now learning via the Internet. Like someone said, the schools are now on screens. If we’re talking the world-wide web, social media is definitely at the center of it all.

We most certainly know that celebrities are what makes the clocks of the social tick, right? We also agree they’re the ones who give the ordinary man what to talk about, right? I’m sure it’s a yes from all quarters. And on celebrities, COVID-19 and the social media, our Afrobeats celebs are definitely not left out. They give us variety of things to talk about now and then.

One of such is Peter Okoye of the defunct Afrobeats duo P-Square. For the purpose of this exposé, we will dwell on Peter who now goes by Mr P. Very much married Mr P who obviously can’t get enough of his family, went on social media displaying all the signs of a proud father and husband by posting a photo of his son. Captioning a very beautiful picture of his son, he wrote the following words via his verified Instagram account:

Soccer Star son @cameronokoye10 … his hair on a Lockdown 🤣😂 I know he looks like a girl in this picture 🤣😂🤣🤣 Cc @theokoyes

Trust the fans, they jumped on it with a flurry of comments showering praises on the adorable looking kid. One went as far as saying he has seen the boy play countless times that the kid was so talented! A compliment Mr P said a simply thank you to.

I don’t know if the kid got enough footballing skills in him, but whatever the case, boy is definitely pretty, a thought that came to mind the minute I saw the picture. Dad definitely corroborated it. You just saw the picture right? I bet you agree kid is cute too? Whether he has football soccer star quality like Daddy’s friend John Mikel Obi is a matter for another day. But for now, we’re contended with the beautiful boy.

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