Korede Bello Confirms His Love Story With Actress’ Daughter In A Video

Korede Bello and Priscilla Ojo?

Korede Bellow in a beautiful cream suit

For all it might seem like, obviously, it’s a different 2020 for the Mavin star, Korede Bello as he had been up to one thing or the other that puts him at the center of positive conversations everywhere.

From releasing a new look that got his fans mushy, to releasing a new song, “Mi Casa Su” that has been on replay for his followers, to throwing light into his love life right about now.

Singer Korede Bello who confirmed his love story  in his new look

Korede Bello who has not been on the radar of confirmed love and all it has to offer, began opened a chapter of love story with Priscilla,the daughter of a popular actress, Iyabo Ojo.

Spotted in a video, the singer was seen dancing with Priscilla with a look on their faces that seem like “I love you”.

The daughter of popular actress, Priscilla Ojo who is in the video with the singer

Though, the singer has been getting his fans, especially females, to pertake in the dance challenge with him, this video of him and the beautiful Priscilla speaks something else, love!

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Aside of the fact that, he shared the video on his page himself, this must be a confirmation of his words during an interview with a national newspaper that he is in “love” but the actress daughter will be in the right position to talk about it.

See video:


With this video, does it mean the boy has finally man up?

Well, reacting to the video, the video has garnered over 140,000 views and 500 followers as Nigerians have been screaming about the confirmation of the love story, of which to many, it’s beautiful.

Korede Bello and his secret lover, Priscilla Ojo

See a few reactions:

ayox_dance: “Love is sweet oooo”

clemsjanet: “Love in the air”

shazzer_boi: “I want to love”

jaykaybabalola: “Love nwantiti”

King_ayonitemi: “I love this”

olawalejasprr: “It don finish. Make I decrush

@its.priscy ni bayii. “Crush don go. It is really Micasa Sucasa”

Oh yea?!

It’s really Micasa Su!

The Mi casa Su crooner

This must really be so good for the singer as he is beginning to earn back the attention he deserves in the music industry.

however, to sustain it, don’t we want more in respect to music, from him?

What do you think about his place in the industry now and maybe about all of these.

Tell us.

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