Adekunle Gold Speaks On Relationship With Don Jazzy, Reveals Secret

Adekunle Gold Speaks On Relationship With Don Jazzy, Reveals Secret

Adekunle Gold in a beautiful white overall suit

Conventionally, at some point in the music industry, stars are expected to talk about their days before Stardom without mincing words, of which, if care is not taken, a lot not known to their fans will be revealed.

Speaking on his days of little beginning, Adekunle Gold opened up on his struggles and how life brought him into a relationship with Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy in a pink caftan

As usual, As a way of inspiring his fans, the singer revealed that at some point he had to pitch is music related ideas to Don Jazzy just to earn to himself attention from a star.

The revelation which he did by sharing screenshot of his conversation with Don Jazzy then, was not the epicenter of his mails.

Adekunle Gold who spoke on his relationship with Don Jazzy

What was the core of his mail?

In the mails sent out, the now Music Ninja, Gold of Adekunle, revealed that he reached out to Don Jazzy not as a singer but as a graphic designer, ready to design a logo for Jazzy’s Mohit’s label then.

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Following that, he started sending the links to his songs to the music executive with pleas that he should listen and share to his power cycles.

The singer who revealed he sent songs to Don Jazzy to listen to and share


Shocking his fans, part of his conversation with him then, revealed that Adekunle Gold once called Don Jazzy, Dad.

See screenshot:

Picture of conversations had by Adekunle Gold and Don Jazzy before he became a star


Don Jazzy who was called Dad by Adekunle Gold before-stardom


Humbility at its peak, right?


Taking all of these to Twitter, the singer made mad fun everything, calling himself “Graphic designer of magnitude” while laughing so hard on why he had to call Don Jazzy, Dad.

Twitter fallout of the all conversation
The supposed graphic designer who is now a renown singer known as Adekunle Gold

In reaction, the numero uno of Mavin record, replied:

Don Jazzy's reply to his Twitter post


While this is very laugh- inducing, isn’t this a pointer to the hard struggles of newbies in the industry?

Don Jazzy in a studio

Does it not point to the fictional-fact that Don Jazzy found out Adekunle Gold before anybody in the industry? As in, made him?

Besides, now that Adekunle Gold has become a known name, what do you think of him now?

His words and works in the industry, what say thou about it?

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