Ric Hassani’s New Song ‘Wave’ Would Leave You Obsessed!

Don’t you just love how these songs keep coming? More songs to our Quarantine Playlist, and we can’t be happier. This time guys, it’s Ric Hassani! This is a big deal…Who is freaking out?

Went to listen to Ric’s ‘Wave’ and ended up listening to his whole playlist. You just can’t get over his sound.

Click the Link to Listen to ‘Wave’

Ric features a new sound that nobody was expecting. It is the type of sound with which you can’t help but move your body. ‘Wave’ is a anthem that doesn’t seem like it would go away any time soon.

Check out Ric Hassani ‘Wave’ Lyrics

Have you listened to Ric Hassani’s ‘Wave’? What did you think of his new sound? Leave us your comments below.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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