Davido Reveals He Is Hated By Many People, See why


Picture of Davido who reveals why he is hated

Undeniably, it is a fact that as much as an artiste receives so much love from a set of people, there are a lot of people who will throw their bag of weighty hate on the singer no matter what the level of that artiste in the music industry.

Confirming this recently is the music star, Davido, who from a place of “I don’t care” tell-tale how the state of mind of people for me in the music industry and beyond.

Picture of Davido smoking weed

Revealing that he is not all loved by everybody, the singer without recourse said there are so many people who hates him so many for a reason not just best known to them but very well known to him.

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This is following the tweets of one of his fans who asserted that Davido deserves all the love he can get from the industry and from his fans and followers.

The music star with his phone twitting that he is hated by many people

In addendum, the singer reveals why he is not loved and could be pressed down by the amount of hate he recieved daily.

According to the music star, people hate him because his father is a freaking billionaire.

Mr. Adeleke, Davido's billionaire father

See his words:

“What hate ?? The just mad my Dad rich !! MY FANS LOVE ME !!,” he wrote.

See his Twitter convo with the fan:

Davido's tweet exchange with fans


Who could have thought that even Davido is hated too?

Speaking of his words, his father might be rich but is Davido leaving on that?

Thinking further, don’t you feel the reason they hate him is beyond what he said?

The singer on a chair sitting like he owns the world

His shenanigans and doings on social media, are they “stuffs” that could generate love for you from everybody?

Seeing this, is this not a subtle way of bragging about his father’s wealth again?

What do you think about all of these?

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