Naira Marley Insults Nigerians As He Speaks On Parenting

Naira Marley

Naira Marley who speak on parenting

Whether we like it or not, this pandemic period is going to reveal a lot about Nigerian entertainers, especially the singers, that will amuse and amaze us at the same time.

Speaking on what his fans and followers never thought he would speak on recently, Naira Marley throws his knowledge and weight on parenting.

Naira Marley who said Nigerians become happy over giveaway

The singer in the early hours of today took to his Twitter handle to share ways he will in all definiteness raise his children, and of which, looking beyond money will be his first class topic to them.

According to the father of four, Naira Marley, he is currently educating his children to be happy and not to be rich.

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This is following his indirect insult to Nigerians that only Giveaway Makes them happy and nothing else.

The singer who said he will educate his children to be happy and not to be rich

Quoting him inter-alia, he noted:

The only thing that can make Nigerians happy on Twitter is giveaway.”


Should we be surprised?

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After all the king of Marlian has done “all” the work and made the money from different “rivers” of income.

Should he be so interested in money lectures for his children?

Naira Marley who shared how he will raise his children on twitter

As in, what else do the rich seek after money, happiness, yea?

Then again, should he have indirectly insulted his fans like that?

If not his fans who made him the money that gives him the confidence to let go of money 101 for happiness 101 educating his children, would he really be saying this?

What do you think of him, words and works?

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