Falz To Pick Fight With NIS For Querying Officers Because Of Him

Falz NIS

Falz who is to pick fight with NIS

While the entire nation is at war with the global pandemic, the Nigerian star, Falz has picked a different battle entirely as his fans were victimized because of his song.

Remember, few days ago some female Nigerian immigration service, NIS, officers were queried for taking on the Pop Daddy Challenge as it is against the standing of immigration service, following that, Falz has reacted and his on the go to do something about the situation.

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The artiste who is ready to do something about the officers queried

Watch video below:

To begin with, the “Bop Daddy” crooner took to his Twitter handle to plead with Nigerians who have access to any of the ladies involved to reach out to him without no further delay.

The artiste who pleads to be contacted by anybody who knows the queried  officers

See his words:

Whoever has direct contact with the immigration ladies should please reach out to me. DM or something. Thanks.”

Glaring, Falz is ready to do something about the many opinions of Nigerians who feels the query is not justifiable as its even a healthy publicity for the Nigerian immigration services and nothing more.

The Bop Daddy crooner who is ready to pick fight

Even if the service thinks the acts of the ladies in the video was beyond board, maybe, Falz thinks otherwise now.

Where will all this lead?

You will get to know, just stay put as we would bring you the gist as it unfolds.

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