Wizkid Is The Greatest, I will Offer Him Sex For Free – Lady Timmie

Wizkid whose @timmie is ready to give free sex

While the entire social media residents are still trying to come out from the unfathomable proceedings of Slim case’s Instagram live recently, a female fan has gotten the social media mushy again as she reveals that she will do anything for Wizkid.


Now she wants to do giveaway for Wizkid since the artiste has refused to do for her.

Egungun be careful na express you dey go!

Wizkid who is the love of @timmie


Going forward, the Twitter user with name @timmie expressed her love for Wizkid as he is the greatest personality on earth at present.

Putting a “come for me” crown on everything, the lady (Egungun) entered express jumping around with the placard that reads she would open her legs to Wizkid for “gbenshing” without rethought.

See her words:

@timmie tweet to Wizkid

Chai, such giveaway.


Anyway, as expected, Twitter users reacted jamming the (Egungun) lady with tear- dropping bing bing that resetted her brain.

Starting the “gbas gbos” was a another female fan who said:

“If you wanna be a baby mama at least have some sense about it and go for a guy who won’t ignore u like the first slice of bread!!!”

See other reactions:

Wizkid who is said to be the greatest there is

But wait o, is it their leg?

They should leave her to do her giveaway na, abi?

The fan @timmie who later came to reply saying she is showing how much she loves wizkid
wizkid Fan

Following the gush of unfavorable reactions to her post, the user @timmie replied saying she didn’t mean what she said that she did say that to prove her loyalty and love for Wizkid.

See her words:

Ehyaaa such love!

Irrespective, the reactions are unending.

Wizkid which we have not see on the fans thread

Where all this will lead, we don’t know, as Wizkid has not been seen on her thread yet.

Away from the sex or no sex, think about it, is Wizkid really the greatest personality in the industry there is?

While we expect a word from Wizkid on this, what do you think could be the fate of this woman?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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