Simi Shows Off Baby Bump In New Video

It hasn’t been long since Simi released her latest single Duduke  a song that was accepted with the most welcoming reception.

It got a lot talking, the guys especially. Everyone is totally in love with this song considering it was recently released. Many requested for a video immediately, dying to see how it would be like in moving pictures.

Well, guess what? Simi gifted her teeming fans with the video to Duduke on her birthday, Sunday 19th of April. Releasing it on her official YouTube page. She wished herself a happy birthday and asked to be prayed for while haring the link on her verified twitter page @SimplySimi.

As much as there were calls for the video, many didn’t think she will grant the request so soon! But them again, we should have anticipated something like this. Simi dropped her album Omo Charlie Champagne on her birthday last year, so when Duduke was released before, we should have guessed she had a pleasant surprise waiting for us on the d-day. And my oh my my where we surprised!

She laid it on us smoking hot! And guess what the most interesting thing about this video is, I bet you know what that is already from the title to this piece. As much as the fans are gushing over the sweet music and the sultry moves by the beautiful Simi, it is the revelation in this video that has the tongues wagging!

In this video, it’s very obvious that Simisola is heavily pregnant, as she put the baby bump on display from the very start, putting on varieties of attire to flaunt it to the delight of viewers. Among those are a crop top and a negligée like a see-through dress that does little to cover the pregnancy.

The fans definitely can’t get enough of the music, either can they of the baby bump. There have been showers of double congratulations, as they’re taking turns to congratulate her on the beautifully made video and of course the fast approaching baby.

One unmistakable revelation we got from this video is the fact that every word written and sang is undeniably for the child on the way. Getting a song written for you even before you touched down on earth, how lucky, how special!

You know what? I’ve said enough. Watch in the link below:

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